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This is a bingo card for The Binding of Isaac. When you get the 5 squares in any row, column, or diagonal, you win.

Unless otherwise specified, you can reset as much as you want and you can switch characters. (alternative rules include "everyone must play a single character" and "try to make a bingo on a single life")

In order to check off a square you have to finish that goal during a single run. For example, "3 devil deals" can't be completed with two deals in your first run and another deal in your second run.

When a square is the name of an item, it means you have to get that item, not just see it.

To "satisfy" means to use something until it gives you a reward and can never give rewards again. (usually when it explodes or disappears)

Hyphenated made this bingo generator. (it's partially based on one Cosmo made) Contributors include Altidorian, Richard_Hammer, JimmyNintendo, Kavukamari, Gyoo, Duneaught, theevilisback

Send questions and ideas for new goals to Hyphenated on twitch!

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