General Commands:

!songrequest: use this to request youtube videos. You can use the full youtube url if the streamer allows links, or just use the youtube id (the "v" parameter). You can also include things like #t=1m23s to start at a specific time. You can also type !sr instead of !songrequest

For example, you might do !songrequest T0YifXhm-Zc

!removesong: remove a song that you requested (or anyone's song if you're a mod). You can also type !skipsong. You have to give it the id of the song, like !removesong 1234.

!songsearch: have the bot search youtube for terms you provide and add the first song it finds that is allowed to be played

!wrongsong: remove the most recent song you requested. (maybe your search found the wrong thing). You can also type !songundo.

!songlist: get a link to the list of songs that will play next or have played recently

!currentsong: print info about the current song

!lastsong: print info about the last song

!nextsong: print info about the next song

!songhelp: get a link to this page. You can also type !songs

Mod Commands:

!volume: set the volume, either to a number between 1 and 100, or use "up" or "down" to nudge the level